Where is our storage facility?

All of our storage is held at our own site in Richmond-upon-Thames.

May I inspect the storage facility?

Yes, in order to have total confidence in our facility please call to make an appointment.

Can I gain access to my goods whilst they are in store?

Yes, by prior arrangement but an access charge per container is payable.

Is there any minimum storage period?

Storage is charged on a 'per week' basis. There is no minimum or maximum period.

When placing your belongings in storage:


  • Check that the fridge and freezer are completely dry beforehand, otherwise they will grow mould.
  • Make sure your important documentation, such as passports, driver’s licences, etc., doesn’t get stored away.
  • Keep miscellaneous items, such as screws, hinges, etc. together in a clearly-marked bag or container.


  • Foodstuffs
  • Flammable Liquids
  • Animals
  • Plants

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