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Hints and Tips for a stress-free removal

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Hints & tips for a stress-free removal:

  • It's a good idea to meet with your removal company representative in person. That's why we recommend our pre-move survey, which gives you a chance to ask questions and feel completely comfortable with what's going to be happening during your move.

  • Try to avoid moving on a Friday - if you do have delays with the financial transaction, you may have to wait until Monday to sort the problem out. This would mean having to pay for storage and another day of removal costs - and your removal team may not be available the following week.

  • There are many other things for you to arrange, apart from the actual move, including:

    - final meter readings for electricity, gas, telephone
    - redirecting mail
    - tradesmen to disconnect fittings such as lights or cookers, or dismantle garden sheds, etc (your removal team cannot do this for you)

  • If you plan to take petrol-powered equipment, such as mowers, motorbikes or strimmers, make sure all fuel is drained and batteries disconnected in preparation for moving. Again, your removal team cannot do this for you.

  • If you are packing by yourself, make sure you use suitable, strong boxes – ‘double walled’ boxes are best. Never make the boxes so heavy that they can’t be lifted safely. Use a smaller box for books and if a box gets heavy as you’re packing it, fill the remaining space with lighter items, such as bedlinen, towels, cushions or soft toys. Visit our Materials page or contact us for information on the types of boxes available from Rumsey & Son.

  • Self-assembly furniture isn’t designed to be taken apart and reassembled. Bear in mind that no matter how experienced your removal team is, this type of furniture won’t always reassemble perfectly after each move.

  • Use packing tape to seal the bottom and top of your boxes.

  • Label your boxes clearly, preferably along the tape and mark which room they should be moved to.


Packing Services

Packing Services

Need help packing, or haven't got the right materials?

Whether you’re moving round the corner, or relocating overseas, the key to a safe and successful move is proper packing. More...

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